NUCCA is a specialized type of chiropractic. NUCCA chiropractors don’t use any twisting popping or cracking. They focus on the upper part of the neck or the upper cervical region. This is where your head rests on your body. The first vertebra, the atlas, is a unique bone. Like Greek mythology, the atlas holds up your whole world, your brain and skull. This upper cervical procedure requires special training and takes years to master. However, the difference between how you feel and how long you can hold your alignment, is drastic to say the least.

With any accident or injury, there can be damage to the spine. The weakest link in the spine, is where the head sits on the body. You guessed it, the upper cervical region. Since every injury and individual is different, NUCCA chiropractors take specific x-rays to determine how your misaligned. Again, they derive their treatment from x-rays, very different than most chiropractors. Once they see how the spine is misaligned, they use a very low force to slide the spine back into position. There’s no cracking, loud noises, or dropping tables. You’ll barely feel anything.

Since this treatment releases the pressure off the upper part of the neck, the results can be found throughout the whole body. Relieve from headaches to sciatica, dizziness to numbness, neck pain to low back pain; the results can be seen all over. It just depends on how the spine misaligns and what nerves are being pressed on.

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