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“Connect 33 is the place to go for specific and gentle chiropractic”

Chiropractor with gentle adjustments


Dr. Orsini is a very professional, knowledgeable, and skilled NUCCA chiropractor. My husband and I have both benefited from his care. I am a clinical massage therapist, and have referred my own patients as well as friends to him, and his work has greatly helped to restore movement and good function to many!



I was referred to Connect 33 by a friend when I was having neck and back pain. After a few sessions the pain was gone and has never come back. Two years later I continue with maintenance visits and remain symptom free. Dr. Orsini is kind, patient and encouraging and I have and will continue to encourage people to make an appointment if they aren’t feeling their best.



Dr. Orsini is a miracle worker! After going to several chiropractors for my chronic back pain, I decided to give it one more chance. It was a long road to recovery, but after consistent visits I could finally walk without pain. And my sleep is SO much better. If you need a change in your life, come here, you will not regret it!



Dr. Orsini’s patient focused, detail-oriented, and thorough approach to care has helped me immensely with my low back pain, shoulder pain, and sleep. If you are looking for a great chiropractor, look no further. I cannot recommend him highly enough!



I came in with so much pain. Left with very little pain. Dr Orsini is the best!!!! He really cares and knows his stuff!!



Dr. Orsini is incredibly caring and thoughtful in his practice. He makes sure his patients understand their issues and how he will fix them, and he also puts in extra work when their cases become more complicated or aren’t progressing as they should. I also appreciate his holistic approach to healing, in that he emphasizes lifestyle habits such as deep breathing, drinking water, and more. I really can’t express enough how much Dr. Orsini has improved my quality of life – I highly recommend him to anyone with spinal and neck troubles!



My family has felt so much better with Dr. Orsini’s treatments. He is extremely knowledgeable about your spinal health and goes over all the X-rays in detail and specializes the treatment plans to your specific ailments. I love that he uses the NUCCA approach and not the traditional cracking & popping adjustments. He truly cares about your health and doesn’t want to just put a “band-aid” on your pain but wants to solve your ailments long term. He is truly amazing in the approach he takes & so personable. Highly recommend!



Dr. Orsini is absolutely fantastic!! I originally went in with dizziness, neck and back pain. I am pleased to say that after only 2 weeks, I already was feeling relief of all three symptoms. Each visit after was amazing how much better I felt. It has been almost 6 months now and I am symptom free. So very grateful and satisfied! The prices are quite reasonable for the amount of care given. Just a wonderful experience and great Doctor!!! I highly recommend!!!!



I cannot say enough about Dr. Orsini. He is one of the kindest and caring doctors I have come across. I have dealt with headaches and neck pain for many, many years, and he has been able to bring me relief. He goes the extra mile to make sure I am doing well and staying well. I recommend him to anyone that needs chiropractic care. He is always professional and works hard to keep you feeling well.

He is the best in his business! DO NOT hesitate to book an appointment with him; it will benefit you greatly.



I can’t say enough good things about Dr Orsini! I was suffering from constant nausea, vertigo, and ear pain from a bad accident. I told him the first time I met him your my last hope because I have tried just about everything thing else for over 2 years. After a couple adjustments vertigo, nausea and ear pain were gone. I still suffer from daily migraines due my post concussion syndrome but I’m only now on one medication. He really changed the quality of my daily life. I’m so very grateful that my friend referred me to him.



Dr. Orsini has upmost integrity when treating me. His extremely gentle technique involves no cracking, which was what deterred me from seeing chiropractors originally. I’ve recommended all my friends and family to come here and they’ve all had great success! They’ve even brought in their family and friends! I have trust in the process that Dr. Orsini uses and after a few adjustments and exams, he’s able to show me how my body adjusts. I’ve found a new appreciation for the science behind the doctor as Dr. Orsini is transparent with his methods and sets realistic expectations. Consultations are open and his demeanor makes me extremely comfortable. Don’t walk, RUN to Connect 33 Chiropractic!



I first visited Dr. Orsini as the result of a referral from one of my employees that was being treated by him. At 70 years of age and a past furniture mover, the years have taken their toll on my back and neck. I have been to chiropractors in the past but for the most part the relief I experienced did not sustain itself and frankly at my age I did not want to experience any twists and quick manipulations especially on my neck. I was assured by my employee that Dr. Orsini utilized a new technique that did not involve the traditional chiropractic bone cracking treatments. I did call him about 14 months ago and the rest is history. I have felt much relief and the technique is not threatening but rather comforting and frankly it works. I am not very technical so I will not describe the medical side of his treatment plans and will leave that for him but we now have had 6 employees treated, 4 of which were or are professional movers. We are all very pleased.



Connect 33 is the place to go for specific and gentle chiropractic!! I have been holding my correction for almost a year now (which is the longest I have ever gone)! Knowing that my neck is in alignment gives me peace of mind and assurance that my body is functioning optimally! Dr. Orsini is the consummate professional and I cannot recommend his care enough! Especially for everyone with a spine 🙂



Dr. Orsini helped me with some back issues as well as leg pain while I was pregnant and postpartum. I sleep better, feel better and have no pain. He is a wonderful friendly doctor. There is no waiting takes you in right away.



Dr. Orsini did a great job fixing my upper neck misalignment and getting it to hold for months without needing to perform another adjustment.

I had previously gone to The Joint Chiropractic in Wheaton, but was not satisfied with their results only lasting a few days. Dr. Orsini took x-rays and performed a gentle and precise adjustment that worked. I feel noticeably better.



Doctor Orsini was nothing short of amazing! I went in for general wellness visit and found out I had more going on with my neck than I had imagined. Thanks to his attention to detail, Dr. Orsini was able to tell my neck was misaligned and could be causing some of my “getting older” aches and pains. After the adjustment was performed I have been experiencing more restful sleep, waking up energized, and less general soreness. I would recommend Dr. Orsini to everyone.



Dr. Orsini is AMAZING! Best chiropractor I’ve ever been to. My whole family goes to him now because of the great work he does. Dr. Orsini is kind, professional, and caring, not to mention affordable (especially for the wonderful work he does).

I was suffering from: insomnia, debilitating headaches, migraines, tmjd, neck pain, neck and shoulder tension, low back pain, and hip pain. I hadn’t slept more than 2 hours a night for months, but after my first visit I slept like a baby. Everything else slowly followed suit and I began to feel my spine untwisting and adjusting itself even when I was between visits. It’s been almost a year since my first visit and he’s helped me SO much.



Dr. Orsini has helped me and my husband get our heads on straight! I am an avid runner and he has helped me to be able to keep running without pain. My husband has benefited as well due to the care of Dr. Orsini. He does not crack you, he cares for you. If you are in pain, go see him – you will not regret it.



Dr Orsini is the only chiropractor that has helped my upper cervical area. I used to be at my other chiropractor twice weekly and need adjustments each time. Now I can go 11 to 12 weeks between adjustments and I feel great!! I got my life back!



I’ve had chronic back pain for the last 13yrs after a car accident. In those last 13 years I’ve been to numerous other chiropractors, physical therapists, and even an orthopedic surgeon. No one seemed to think they could help and my back and neck continued to get worse…the pain was constant and starting to affect my sleep. Dr. Orsini listened and connected other symptoms I was having to my misaligned spine. Now 6weeks after my first appointment with Dr. Orsini I can now happily say that I have hope for my body. For the first time in 13 years I woke up without pain. Dr. Orsini is unlike any other chiropractor I’ve ever met, he changed my life.



I’m so grateful to have meet Dr Orsini. I have had problems with my back since I was very young (for almost 30 years) and even though different treatments have helped nothing have really given me an answer to the cause or been a long term solution, until I meet with Dr Orsini. I now sleep better, my over all energy and mood is much better. Highly recommended!



I have been going to chiropractors for 30 years. I had several headaches a week that required prescription strength meds. I had restless legs that kept me from awake at night. I would go to the chiropractor weekly with only temporary relief. Since seeing Dr. O, my headaches are gone, and I have dropped 2 of my 3 prescription medications. It’s a different kind of chiropractic experience, but it works! I am so glad I took the chance and tried Connect 33.



Dr. Orsini is a miracle worker! He spent over an hour listening to my issues, running tests and asking questions. Over the next several months, my lower back pain decreased tremendously. So much that I can now run again. It had been over ten years since I attempted running because of all my pain. Thank you thank you Dr. Orsini!



I have been a patient of Dr. Orsini’s for two years. I have gone from having neck and upper back stiffness for decades to being completely symptom free! I will be turning 55 in the fall and haven’t felt this good since my thirties! I can now maintain my active lifestyle with no injuries What a gift! Go see Dr. Orsini today!



Dr. Clinton Orsini is the best Chiropractor around! He’s super nice, helpful, and makes sure you truly understand what’s going on. You can tell he only wants the best for you and will work hard to get you feeling 100%. Highly recommend!



Dr. Orsini is great at listening to what my aches and pains are. We work together to put me on the right path to health and balance. “Dr. O” is awesome!



Dr. Orsini is the real deal. His professional approach is extremely attentive & unique, especially in Lombard. I would trust my whole family with the care Dr. C and team provide at Connect 33, highly recommended!



I have had the privileged of knowing Dr. Orsini for the better part of a decade and this is a true healer. A doctor who is patient centered as well as a terrific practitioner, Illinois is lucky to have him.



Dr. Orsini is a dedicated, caring person who works hard to help you solve problems, overcome issues, and be the best you can be! Partner with Dr. Orsini! He’s the best!



I have been under chiropractic care for 25 years and FINALLY got the results I needed once I began seeing Dr. Orsini. I’ve been holding for 9 months now, which is unheard of for me. He listened to me and thought outside the box to come up with solutions for me. I am eternally grateful.



I have been visiting this chiropractor. I am very satisfied and my pain is going away. Nice excellent treatment.



Love having Dr. Orsini as a chiropractor! A doctor who really cares for his patients. His knowledge and unique approach is like no other!



Definitely the only doctor that was able to help me with my back problem! I had already lost all hope, and after 10 years of suffering in pain he was able to treat me ASAP and the relief was instantly! I recommend him 10000%



Dr. Orsini is very knowledgeable and helpful with all sorts of problems that you wouldn’t think could be fixed by a chiropractor. 10/10 would recommend.



Very helpful and understanding also on how and what I need to have a better sleep my sleeping is better than before.



Dr. Orsini knows his profession and does it well. I appreciate the time he takes to understand each specific problem and also educate before treatment. He also always allows adequate time for questions and concerns at each appointment. He stands out as a caring, yet effective, healthcare professional.



Clinton does amazing work. Helped my sciatica pain. Helped my family as well. He is gentle and very knowledgeable. Not your typical type of chiropractic. Highly recommended!!



Dr. Orsini is fantastic at solving problems and a trusted caregiver. I’ve never had better success with chiropractic care than with Connect 33.



Dr. Orsini has saved my life from pain, headaches and dizziness!! He is very personal, compassionate, patient and caring!! I highly recommend and believe in him!



Dr. Orsini is great! He listens to you and really thinks it through on how to best help you.



Dr. Orsini is an expert at healing the body. He doesn’t just provide a quick fix, but aids your body in healing itself. He is kind, compassionate and has a wonderful bedside manner! I would recommend Dr. Orsini to anyone who cares about their health and well being.



Dr. Orsini is a truly caring Doctor who I would trust with my entire family.



Dr. Orsini is an excellent chiropractor, and somebody I would entrust with the care of myself and my family. His unique and gentle approach to chiropractic is a breath of fresh air!



Dr. Orsini is a fantastic doctor. His approach is specific, very gentle, and achieves amazing results. He’s a blessing to this community, Illinois needs more chiropractors like him!



My family and I started seeing Dr Orsini for NUCCA chiropractic care in July. We have seen other NUCCA chiropractors in the past as well. One of our family members has an extremely complex medical history, and if there is a misalignment or a poor adjustment, (done by a different chiropractor), the results will be disastrous and quick. However, Dr Orsini’s adjustments have been perfect for everyone in our family. We have had zero issues, and have only enjoyed great health since we started seeing him a little over three months ago.

Dr Orsini listens, he is thorough, his adjustments are perfect, and he genuinely wants to get to the root of any health problem to help us be as healthy as possible.

I have even seen him stay late to help other clients when they need him.
We will never have another back/neck cracking/popping adjustment. The health benefits from gentle, precise NUCCA adjustments have resulted in positive health benefits for everyone in our family. NUCCA is by far the best chiropractic care out there. We saw fourteen chiropractors before finding NUCCA, and Dr Orsini works hard to provide the best adjustments.
Highly recommend Dr Orsini at Connect 33!



Dr. Orsini is a great chiropractor. I’ve been a patient of his for a while now and truly have had amazing results! Initially I came in for neck pain and thought his different approach would help me. To be honest, I was skeptical. I’ve been to chiropractors before but he told me that the technique he used was unlike anyone I’ve seen before. It was a gentle and specific technique with no twisting, popping or cracking. Little did I know his gentle technique would not only help alleviate my neck pain but my ADHD as well. For 10 years I’ve been on ADHD stimulants and he helped me get off of them. Truly I am grateful for his work. Thank you Dr. Orsini, we need more docs like you out there!



Such a great doctor! I’ve been going to a different chiropractor for years and was struggling to hold my alignment. I have been dealing with migraines, severe low back and hip pain until I started seeing Dr. Orsini. I’ve been a patient of his for the past 8 months and have felt amazing! He truly takes the time to listen to all my concerns and I always feel like their addressed. Such a professional and knowledgeable doctor. Worth all the 30 miles I drive to see him. My husband is now a patient of his and has had his severe right arm nerve pain completely relieved! My only regret is that I didn’t find him sooner! As a nurse, lifting heavy patients took such a toll on me. Thanks Dr. O!



I was visiting from out of town a few months back, and normally I would have waited to get home to my regular chiropractor back home, but after traveling for days, when I arrived I knew I was out of alignment and was about to be in rough shape. I found Dr. Orsini online, and luckily he was able to fit me in on his schedule last minute. Doc is very knowledgeable in upper cervical chiropractic care, professional, has great bedside manner, and superb adjusting skills. I highly recommend Connect 33, Dr. Orsini, and I plan to come in to get checked every time I’m back in the area!



My name is Arlene and this is my story……

At 52 years old I was struggling with daily chronic lower back pain. I needed help to get out of bed, and I was using a walker somedays to get around. At that time I was seeing a traditional chiropractor but couldn’t seem to hold an adjustment, and within a few years my pain seem to get worse. Then someone introduced me to Dr. Orsini and the concept of NUCCA chiropractic care. During his initial assessment he asked me three (yes 3) time if I had ever been in a car accident. I answered “no” all 3 times. Then he took an x-ray and said, “Arlene, are you sure you haven’t been in an accident because I see signs of whiplash on your x-rays.” Then it hit me! (pardon the pun) I was in a car accident…..36 years ago! I had completely forgotten about it because I never had any on-going injuries from it (or so I thought). And yes…I did have whiplash then. As it turns out he discovered my head was tilted 6 degrees off from my spine, unnoticeable to the human eye, but serious enough to have a negative influence on my body after years and years of being out of alignment. Fast forward 9 months later, now March of 2018, and I can honestly say that I feel the best I have felt in decades! I am not in pain any more…nope…not even a little. I am able to exercise now and I never dreamed that I would be able to again. Because of my ability to move I am now beginning to lose the weight that I gained when I was immobile. Honestly my outlook on life is completely changed because I feel I have another chance at life. If you would have seen me 9 months ago I would have told you that I thought that walking with a walker was how I was going to live out the rest of my years. Dr Orsini was compassionate from the moment I met him and assuredly told me that he would like to try to help, and he did. He took the time to answer all my questions, and never rushed through my exams. And he even congratulated me when I was doing better, and honestly it was him that deserved the thanks and praise. I am sold on NUCCA Chiropractic are and I fully trust Dr. Orsini. Without hesitation I would recommend him to anyone who is struggling with a health crisis. NUCCA Chiropractic Care is sensible and organic treatment plan to restore the body to a place where it can function like is was designed to function.

Thank you, Dr. Orsini, for the good quality care you have provided me over the last 9 months. I thank God for the skulls the Lord has entrusted to you. And I sincerely thank you for using your skills to restore my physical and emotional well-being. So thankful for you.


Reed Family

My mom, my sister, and I came to Dr. Clinton Orsini with different problems. My mom came to him for her tinnitus, and my sister and I came to him because of chronic migraines. He had a different plan for each of us and took the time and effort to make sure our health was his number one priority. He listened to how we were feeling and always explained what was needed to be done and why. After seeing Dr. Orsini, our lives have become much more productive, healthy, and happier. We can’t thank him enough.



Dr. O has been wonderful since the beginning! I came in with migraines once a week and they have gotten significantly better since I started seeing Dr. O! He’s an amazing guy!



Dr Orsini has been wonderful in answering my questions and concerns. It’s great to get out of my chair at work and not feel like an old lady!

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