A Unique Chiropractic Approach Sets Our Clinic Apart

A Unique Chiropractic Approach Sets Our Clinic Apart

We strive to correct the entire spine with as few adjustments as needed allowing your body to heal itself and overcome a wide range of symptoms.

Chiropractor with gentle adjustments

At Connect 33 Chiropractic, we are aimed at correcting your spine through gentle adjustments. We specialize in NUCCA chiropractic, which corrects the spine by addressing the misalignment at the top of your neck. However some individuals have secondary problems as well. These secondary problems are analyzed and corrected with Dr. Pierce’s analysis. The total effect allows your body to hold your alignment for long periods. This unique approach is what sets our clinic apart.

At Connect 33 Chiropractic, our goal is to correct your spine with as few adjustments as needed and hold your alignment for the longest amount of time possible; without any twisting, cracking or popping.

Why Should You See a Chiropractor?

At some point in your life you’ve experienced an accident or injury, causing damage to your spine. The weakest part of your spine will most likely be damaged first, the upper cervical or upper neck region. This is where the atlas, known as C1, sits. It is the lightest, most moveable bone in the spine; sitting underneath a much heavier head. Like Greek mythology, the atlas literally holds our world – the head. As damage occurs to this region, the tearing of connective tissue results in misalignment, placing pressure on the brainstem or spinal cord. This combination of structural misalignment and nerve pressure produces the Atlas Subluxation Complex.

This pressure on the brainstem or spinal cord causes the muscles throughout the body to become unbalanced, pulling on one side of the spine more than the other. Either from front to back or left to right, there are distortions that misalign the entire spine; until standing up one hip is higher and lying down one leg is shorter. This twisting or distortion of the spine places everything into an abnormal position and there is increased pressure at certain points in the spine. This increased pressure creates a progressive, degenerative condition not just within the spine, but other areas of the body.

As the nerves aren’t functioning correctly over the course of time, maladaptive processes start to progress and the body starts to break down prematurely. The whole system is altered due to the pressure at the upper neck region, but as the spine distorts, where the pressure is greatest it can alter the nerve flow at each individual level of the spine also. This now affects the body as a whole, and now more so at certain levels which will produce symptoms more prevalent at those regions depending on where it is.

The misalignment at the upper neck region may also cause changes in the arterial flow to the head. It may also alter cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) by misaligning and changing the fluid flow. Both of these effects need to be studied more carefully before determining if this is true to an individual.

This negative change in your body may produce symptoms quickly, or it may take decades. Either way, your body isn’t able to adapt and function the way it was designed and will decrease over time. Once we get your brain and body connected, your recovery time may be quick or slow. That will be determined by how long you’ve been malfunctioning and the overall status of your health. Health is multifactorial but brain and nerve health is a primary source for your wellbeing.

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