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Second Day

Time to get you connected.

Chiropractor with gentle adjustments

Second Visit 45-75 minutes

Review of X-rays

Review of Care

1st Adjustment

Post X-Rays

Post X-Ray Analysis

Further treatment and x-rays if needed

After reviewing your case and determining the underlying problem, we’ll explain your x-rays in detail. We’ll walk you through all the different views and how this problem causes stress to your body and negatively effects your nerves. We’ll walk you through a timeline of how long this problem has been occurring and what it looks like over time. We’ll then review what our care entails and what to expect as we move through care. We’ll let you know any side effects to expect and give you a number of restrictions to ensure you hold your alignment well. We also cover sleeping and rest instructions to help ensure your progress.

After all this, we’ll perform the treatment, the adjustment. Once we’ve adjusted you we’ll start our post adjustment procedure. This includes some of our initial tests which should balance out afterwards. If these tests are positive, we’ll go right back to take post x-rays to make sure we’ve corrected this problem to the best of our abilities. After the films, we’ll have you rest and read over the home care instructions while we review the x-rays.

If we’ve got the correction we’re looking for, you’re good to go; if we have not, we’ll perform another or different adjustment and take more films until we’ve got it just right. So you won’t leave this visit unless you’re in alignment. 

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