First Appointment with Chiropractor

First Day

At this first day appointment we will enjoy getting to know you and evaluate your case.

Analyzing X-rays

First Visit 60-90 minutes

Paperwork ~ 15 minutes

History, Examination and Consultation ~ 45 minutes

X-rays ~ 20 minutes (if it is deemed we can help)

Paper work: When you first arrive at our clinic, we’ll provide some initial paperwork to get you started. These include your basic health information, history, terms of acceptance, your HIPPA form, as well as an outcome assessment form to monitor your case.

History: Once we process this information, you’ll sit down with the doctor to go over your health history. This is a detailed and through process but we’ll get a picture of what has transpired before arriving at our office.

Examination: Then we’ll do the examination. This includes:

Orthopedic/Neurological and Range of Motion Tests – Your range of motion will be established as well as a number of other tests to help determine whats occurring on the inside and if this is something that we can help with.

Paraspinal Infrared Dermathermagraphic scans – Heat readings off your body to show symmetrical or asymmetrical findings. This is a great indication of your overall health and whether you’re adapting to the outside environment.

Scanning Palpation of the Spine – Feeling for any tender points, inflammation on the surface, and getting an overall idea of how your spine is situated.

Supine Leg Length Inequality – A non-gravitational spinal balance test which helps determine if there’s tension on the spinal cord.

Cervical Syndrome Tests – To help determine the nature of your leg length inequality or further damage which may be present in your spine.

Standing Laser Hip Caliper Measurement – A gravitational spinal balance test which also helps determine if there’s tension on the spinal cord.

Consultation: Once we’ve examined you, we can determine if we can help. If that’s the case, we’ll explain what’s going on and how we can help. If not, we will steer you in the right direction to get help. This is the time to ask questions and everything will be answered besides what has to do with your alignment and care instructions which will be covered in the second day’s appointment.

Digital X-rays – If it is determined we can help and you wish to undergo care, we will continue with our comprehensive digital x-rays. These allow us to see exactly what is occurring on the inside and also gives us a blueprint on to how to correct your spine. We take a three dimensional view of the upper cervical spine (where head rests on body) and take some additional views to help determine if further supportive care is necessary. These films also give us a starting point for where you are and where we need to go towards to get you healthy again. This spinal workup is known as our biostructural analysis.


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