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Specializing in a Technique That is Different From So Many Others

At Connect 33 we specialize in a method called NUCCA, upper cervical chiropractic care, which is aimed at correcting your entire spine at once. Without any twisting, popping or cracking we work to correct your spine and nerve function and get you back to feeling good. In our clinic, we will be working our hardest to correct your spine and nerve function to enable you to recover from your problems naturally. Without drugs or surgery, we will work to unlock your potential and get you connected with your body.

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NUCCA is currently is one of the most advanced ways at correcting the first bone in your spine called the atlas. By taking a 3D view of the spine, we can determine exactly how the atlas is misaligned in relationship to the head and rest of the body, giving us an exact blueprint on how to fix this problem.

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Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care

Gentle Adjustments

You will only feel a very light pressure right behind one of your ears. This adjustment will be measured using x-rays immediately after your first treatment to ensure that we’ve corrected the problem.

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Compassionate Care

When you come to our clinic, we will be working to provide the best experience possible for you and your family. You’ll always be met with a warm smile, concerns for your health, and a team that truly wants whats best for you. We’ll treat you and make our recommendations like you’re apart of our family.

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Some Reviews from Our Patients

  • Dr. Orsini is a miracle worker! After going to several chiropractors for my chronic back pain, I decided to give it one more chance. It was a long road to... read more

    Heather Parris Avatar Heather Parris

    I came in with so much pain. Left with very little pain. Dr Orsini is the best!!!! He really cares and knows his stuff!!

    Mary Naughton Avatar Mary Naughton

    Dr. Orsini is incredibly caring and thoughtful in his practice. He makes sure his patients understand their issues and how he will fix them, and he also puts in extra... read more

    Ruby Schwan Avatar Ruby Schwan
  • I was referred to Connect 33 by a friend when I was having neck and back pain. After a few sessions the pain was gone and has never come back.... read more

    Kathleen Redington Avatar Kathleen Redington

    Dr. Orsini's patient focused, detail-oriented, and thorough approach to care has helped me immensely with my low back pain, shoulder pain, and sleep. If you are looking for a great... read more

    Conner Krause Avatar Conner Krause

    I have been going to chiropractors for 30 years. I had several headaches a week that required prescription strength meds. I had restless legs that kept me from awake at... read more

    Julene Simmons Avatar Julene Simmons

Our Services


A precise, gentle, non-invasive spinal adjustment to reduce interference in the nervous system.

Pierce Analysis

A secondary procedure to address secondary problems.


Without any guesswork, we can accurately see and address the problem using digital x-rays.

Biostructural Analysis

Dr. Orsini’s customized spinal analysis offers a complete look at the underlying problem.


An inside picture of your body’s internal adaptation, giving insight to see how it’s functioning.

Supportive Care

Improving your overall health to help hold your spinal alignment.

Why NUCCA Upper Cervical?

We believe the primary problem stems from this area or your spine. This important region of your body is where all of your brain to body messages have to flow through. When this part of your spine is not properly aligned it can lead to a wide variety of issues from low back pain to headaches and even asthma. Once properly aligned using x-rays and a NUCCA specific adjustment the brain can start sending nerve signals to the rest of the body. By removing this nerve interference your body can start healing itself and relieving you of your problems.

At Connect 33 we do not take any guesses. Every case starts with a set of x-rays where we take detailed measurements to show us exactly how to apply your NUCCA adjustment. To confirm that we have removed your nerve interference we immediately follow with a post x-ray.

“Love the technique that is so different from everyone else.”
— Kayla
“He looked at my X-rays and saw that my shoulder and neck problems were never addressed. He knew he could help me. While nobody wanted to work with the difficult shoulder/neck area, Clinton knew that this area was the most important one to address and it would help my whole body alignment. I have never felt so good and flexible during all those years, until Clinton started his therapy. He is the best of the best. Thanks to him I feel so much better.”
— Heidi
“…done a fantastic job of getting to the root cause on some very long standing back and shoulder issues that I’ve had! I’m extremely grateful for the fantastic service they’ve provided me with.”
— Keith
“…after two adjustments from Dr. Orsini, my neck pain was no more. I highly recommend Dr. Orsini…”
— Grant


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