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Lombard, IL Chiropractor

We offer a specialized method called NUCCA, an upper cervical chiropractic care.
This method has proven to be both gentle and effective, succeeding to relieve you of your symptoms while correcting the underlying problem.

Chiropractor Dr. Orsini is located in Lombard, IL just minutes from Yorktown Mall and Oak Brook Terrace!

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Industry-Leading Care

Our doctor is a leading voice in the field and dedicated to providing you the best care available.

NUCCA Upper Cervical

Correcting the misalignment between the head and neck; where brain connects to body. Learn More

Gentle Adjustments

Adjustments that involve no twisting, popping or cracking; correcting the cause. Learn More

Compassionate Care

Old fashioned bedside manner; new age technology. Learn More

Connect your brain and body with Connect 33

In our clinic, we will be working our hardest to correct your spine and nerve function to enable you to recover from your problems naturally. Without drugs or surgery, we will work to unlock your potential and get you connected with your body.

Our Services

Biostructural Analysis

Dr. Orsini’s customized spinal analysis offers a complete look at the underlying problem.

Pierce Analysis

A secondary procedure to address secondary problems.


Without any guesswork, we can accurately see and address the problem using digital x-rays.

Postural Analysis

Your posture is a direct reflection of your health; let’s get it straight.


An inside picture of your body’s internal adaptation, giving insight to see how it’s functioning.

Supportive Care

Improving your overall health to help hold your spinal alignment.

Some reviews from our patients

“He looked at my X-rays and saw that my shoulder and neck problems were never addressed. He knew he could help me. While nobody wanted to work with the difficult shoulder/neck area, Clinton knew that this area was the most important one to address and it would help my whole body alignment. I have never felt so good and flexible during all those years, until Clinton started his therapy. He is the best of the best. Thanks to him I feel so much better.”
— Heidi
“Love the technique that is so different from everyone else.”
— Kayla
“…done a fantastic job of getting to the root cause on some very long standing back and shoulder issues that I’ve had! I’m extremely grateful for the fantastic service they’ve provided me with.”
— Keith
“…after two adjustments from Dr. Orsini, my neck pain was no more. I highly recommend Dr. Orsini…”
— Grant

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